Woman's body found in Nairobi River in Makadara

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The corpse had turned pale white, suggesting it had been in the water for a long time. 

A woman's body was discovered in the Nairobi River in the Bahati area of Makadara on Tuesday morning, tied at the hands and legs, with a rope around the neck.

Children playing nearby made the discovery and immediately informed their mother who then alerted the village chairman.

"I was called by children who were playing here, and they told me they had seen a body. I rushed here immediately, and once I saw it, I alerted the chairman," the mother, Jecinta Wambui, told The Eastleigh Voice.

The corpse had turned pale white, suggesting it had been in the water for a long time.

Yusuf Mwita, one of the first people at the scene, thought it was a pile of plastics due to the colour.

"I saw children shouting and running around, pointing at something in the river. At first, I thought it was plastic so I went closer to confirm. The water turned around the body, and I saw the face. That is when I realised it was a human body," Yusuf said.

Douglas Opondo, the village elder, said he immediately alerted the police after residents informed him of the matter.

Opondo said the body may have ended up in Section Three after being dumped in another area days before.

"We are all curious. I hope it's not the body of one of the Gen Zs demonstrating these last few weeks," he said, adding that he hoped police investigations would reveal more.

Assistant Chief Lucy Mwangi said the village elder called her at around 10.30 am informing her about the body near the sewage area in her ward.

She notified the police and went to the scene, where the number of onlookers was growing.

"Her body was tied to a dog's, she said. "It is unfortunate. The body was found on the other side - Bahati. I have contacted the authorities there."

Residents have asked the police for a thorough investigation saying such incidents cannot be tolerated.

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