Somalia deploys troops to Landhere amid deadly inter-clan clashes

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Local reports attributed the conflict to ongoing land disputes. However, the precise cause of the fighting remains unclear.

Somalia has heightened security in Landhere, Galguduud Province, after inter-clan clashes that broke out on Friday, June 8, claimed 50 lives and injured 60 others. 

In response to the unrest, authorities unveiled new security measures, including the deployment of additional troops, the establishment of checkpoints, increased patrols, localised curfews, and potential road closures.

The clashes between local militias from the Marehan and Dir clans erupted in the Abudwak and Herale districts after morning prayers. 

The injured were transported to hospitals in Herale, Abudwak, and Adado for first aid and admission. 

Regional police officer Ahmed Sahal reported that the confrontation was intense and extended over a long period, with both factions using machine guns and AK-47 rifles.

The conflict, according to Ahmed, caused extensive damage to local infrastructure, such as homes and water sources. 

Local reports attributed the conflict to ongoing land disputes. However, the precise cause of the fighting in Galguduud, an administrative region of Galmudug State in central Somalia, remains unclear.

Both the Galmudug regional government and federal authorities have called for an immediate cessation of hostilities. The Somali government further instructed its security agencies and the Galmudug administration to intervene and mediate urgently. 

Minister of Security Mohamed Abdi Aden Gaboobe condemned the violence and stated that those responsible for inciting the conflict have been identified and will face legal action. 

"The conflict, driven by a territorial dispute over uninhabited land, is unacceptable, and those involved will be prosecuted in accordance with the law," said Minister Abdi.

Traditional elders from both clans have made efforts to mediate and stop the violence, but so far, no resolution has been reached.

Authorities further warned of possible further retaliatory violence, which could further impact business and cause travel disruptions.

Landhere is located about 470 kilometres north of Mogadishu, near Somalia's border with Ethiopia. 

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