Train accident in Kajiado leaves one dead, dozens injured

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Residents attributed the accident to frequent vandalism of the railway line and poor visibility due to heavy rainfall.

A tragic accident occurred on Tuesday morning when a commuter train derailed in KMQ, Magadi, Kajiado County. The accident resulted in one fatality and 59 injuries. Police reports indicate that 30 of the injured are in critical condition.

The train was travelling from Magadi to Kajiado town when it rolled backwards on a steep incline.

According to witnesses and police, a loud bang was heard before the 59 passengers began screaming for help. Emergency services were immediately dispatched to the scene.

"A passenger train has derailed in Kajiado near Tata Chemicals – Kajiado Plant. Casualties reported. Emergency response teams currently heading to the scene," St John Ambulance noted immediately the accident was confirmed.

Initially, the injured passengers received treatment at the Mile 46 dispensary before being transferred to Kajiado Referral Hospital for further care.

Fred Ayani, the superintendent at Kajiado Referral Hospital, confirmed that 46 people were injured, with at least 20 suffering serious injuries.

The body of the deceased, who has been identified, is being kept at the hospital's morgue.

Ten critically injured patients, suffering from multiple fractures, were sent to Kenyatta National Hospital.

Residents attributed the accident to frequent vandalism of the railway line and poor visibility due to heavy rainfall. They noted that scrap metal thieves have been repeatedly damaging the railway, evading officers responsible for its security.

The commuter train service, operated by Tata Chemicals Magadi, was launched to ease transportation difficulties for passengers in remote areas of Kajiado West Sub-county.

The service charges Sh70 for a 135-kilometer journey, a more affordable option compared to the Sh700 fare for the Kiserian-Isinya route, which can take up to four hours.

Kajiado Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho confirmed the accident, noting that the train was carrying over 100 passengers at the time.

"A passenger train carrying over 100 people from Magadi to Kajiado Town lost control and fell off a bridge at Duka Moja, Loodokilani Ward," he said.

He also mentioned that ten critically injured passengers were taken to Nairobi Hospital for advanced treatment, and the deceased passenger's body was transferred to the Kajiado Referral Hospital morgue.

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