Heavy rainfall claims lives and causes widespread damage in Mogadishu

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The rains caused the deaths of two children, injured one person, and displaced 325 others.

Heavy rainfall disrupted several major roadways, significantly impacting public transportation services on Sunday night in Mogadishu, Somalia.

Numerous roads were submerged under floodwaters, while others were damaged, forcing operators to raise the cost of public transportation, while some resorted to withdrawing their vehicles from the streets.

The persistent rainfall also caused delays in ongoing high school examinations, which were postponed by an hour. Additionally, most major markets and businesses in Mogadishu remained closed today.

Salah Hassan, the spokesman for the Banadir region, addressed the media regarding the situation, saying that the rains caused the deaths of two children, injured one person, and displaced 325 others.

He also confirmed that 11 buildings collapsed and two major roads were completely destroyed by the heavy rains.

"The rains have resulted in the collapse of 11 buildings, the deaths of two children, 325 displacements, and the destruction of two major roads," Salah stated.

A man attempts to rescue a boy from raging flood waters following heavy rains in Mogadishu, Somalia, on November 9, 2023. (Photo: Feisal Omar/Reuters)

The Hodan district was heavily affected as the Siigale Dam exceeded its capacity, causing residents to flee the area. Salah disclosed that the affected roads include the one connecting Dabka to Bakaraha and the 26th June road connecting Immigration to Sheikh Ali Sufi.

The Elow Mude and Elow Maalim dams in Bondeere District exceeded their capacity, leading to the collapse of eleven buildings, resulting in the death of one child and injuring another person. Several residents were displaced due to the flooding.

The Hila'a Dam in Wadajir District exceeded its capacity, prompting residents to flee. The road connecting Elqalow to the electricity areas was also completely destroyed by the floods.

A child was killed by the floods in Yaaqshid District, and several houses were completely flooded.

Daalow and Hamar Jadiid roads were submerged in the Hawlwadaag District. A child swept away by the floods was, however, rescued by residents.

In Abdiaziz District, the floods affected internally displaced people living in the area, and one house collapsed.

In Wartanabada District, the 15 May dam exceeded its capacity, and most roads were completely submerged by the floods.

The Banadir region government has promised to repair all the major roads affected by the floods. Salah noted that the government faced challenges in dealing with the floods as piles of garbage blocked most of the sewage systems in the region's districts.

A man carries a sack through floodwater in Beledweyne, central Somalia. (Photo: Hassan Ali Elmi/AFP/Getty Images)

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