Three Somali fishermen found in Maldives after missing for 3 months

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Both Somalia and Maldivian authorities are also working together to reunite the fishermen with their families in Mogadishu soon.

Three Somali fishermen, who had been missing for over three months, were found in the Maldive Islands, several miles from their home in Somalia.

Reports stated that the fishermen went missing while fishing in the Indian Ocean near Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, in April this year. Officials reported that the fishermen lost their way due to bad weather and navigational errors.

Initially presumed dead after disappearing from Somali waters, the fishermen were discovered by local islanders who were out collecting coconuts.

The Maldives police announced that their coast guards were alerted to their location on Saturday, June 22, and they confirmed their safety.

One of the islanders said, "We were in disbelief when we saw them. They were a little disoriented and confused, but otherwise seemed to be in good spirits."

The fishermen are currently receiving treatment at a local hospital in the Maldives and are expected to make a full recovery.

The three missing Somali fishermen were found in the Maldives, on Saturday, June 22, 2024, several miles from their home in Mogadishu, Somalia. (Photo: Courtesy) A boat which the three Somalis were using to fish in the Indian Ocean before they disappeared in April 2024. (Photo: Courtesy)

Both Somalia and Maldivian authorities are also working together to reunite the fishermen with their families in Mogadishu soon.

The Somali government had sought help from the international community, which led to an urgent search effort. In response, the Maldivian government has offered to fly them back to Somalia once they are healthy enough to travel.

The discovery of the trio in the deep seas, according to the police, has relieved the anxiety felt by their families in Somalia.

Somalia's coastline, stretching over three thousand kilometres, is rich in maritime resources. However, the country has faced challenges with unregulated fishing. To combat illegal fishing activities, the government has implemented stringent measures, including banning fishing trawlers from fetching fish in its territorial seas.

A circular by Somalia's Ministry of Fisheries and Blue Economy dated April 6 said vessels will no longer be permitted to pull trawlers, a deep-sea indiscriminate fishing instrument that nets even the unwanted species and hence depletes the maritime wildlife.

The Somali Coast Guard has also made significant progress in deterring piracy as part of its efforts to secure its waters. The Somali government asserts that the coastline is now better protected compared to previous years.

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