Somali Police Force launches recruitment drive targeting professionals

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The Somali Police Force has embarked on a new recruitment campaign aimed at enlisting officers with diverse educational backgrounds to bolster its ability to address the country's security challenges. 

The move is designed to equip the force to tackle emerging threats such as cyber and economic crimes, a global trend adopted by law enforcement personnel worldwide. 

Departing from traditional recruitment methods, the new initiative seeks graduates from various fields, including law, computer science, economics, accounting, leadership, and Master of Science programmes. 

Somali Police Commissioner Brig. Gen. Sulub Ahmed Firin said the government remains committed to enhancing the capacity of national security forces to effectively manage the myriad threats facing Somalia.

In a statement sent to newsrooms, the Somali Police Commissioner invited all Somali citizens to apply. 

"For the bachelor's degree level, the fields include law, computer science (IT), economics and accounting, and management and leadership," said SPF in the statement. 


Somali Police Officers participate in 'stop and search' training exercise at the General Kahiye Police Academy in Mogadishu. Photo/ HandoutSomali police officers participate in a 'stop and search' training exercise at the General Kahiye Police Academy in Mogadishu. Photo/ Handout

According to the Somalia Police, requirements for applicants include being a Somali citizen, holding a verified bachelor's degree in one of the aforementioned fields, and having a government-recognised high school diploma. 

The Grade Point Average (GPA) for the degree holders should not be less than a B.

All applicants who want to join the services must not be older than 26 years. 

Additionally, "candidates must be mentally and physically healthy, with a height of at least 1.65 metres and a weight between 55 and 70 kg," said the law enforcement agency. 

Candidates aspiring to join the service must also be free of addictions, have no history of membership in armed groups, and possess a clean criminal record.

Master's level

For the Master's level, the fields include science (Master of Science) and computer science (IT). 

Applicants must be Somali citizens, hold a verified Master's degree in one of the aforementioned fields, a Bachelor's degree, and a government-recognised high school diploma. 

"All certificates must be verified. The GPA for the degrees should not be less than a B, and applicants must not be older than 32 years," said the Police Service in the statement. 

It further noted that aspiring candidates must meet the same health, height, weight, and background criteria as bachelor's degree applicants during the recruitment exercise. 


The application submission dates are from July 8 to July 18, 2024. 

Somalia has been grappling with insecurity for decades, stemming from a combination of political instability, armed conflict, and terrorism. 

The collapse of the central government in 1991 led to the rise of various militant groups, among them the Al-Shabaab terrorist who have carried out numerous attacks within Somalia and neighbouring countries. 

Somali Police Officers celebrate an anniversary in the past. (Photo: Somali Police Force)

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