Eastleigh's Abdirahman Ali appointed head coach of Badbaado FC in Somalia

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Kenyan coaching prodigy Abdirahman Ali, 26, has been appointed as head coach of Horseed SC

Abdirahman Ali Abubakar, a young and dynamic coach from Nairobi, Kenya, has been appointed as the head coach of Horseed SC in Somalia.

At just 26 years old, Abdirahman has already made significant strides in his coaching career, having earned the prestigious CAF A License, the highest level of football certification in Africa.

Abdirahman, who runs a football academy in Eastleigh, Nairobi, and is a former student of New Pumwani Primary School and Eastleigh High School, is the youngest among 25 coaches to complete the prestigious CAF A License course.

Born and raised in Eastleigh, Section 3, with family roots in northeastern Kenya, Abdirahman's passion for football coaching began at the age of 17. He has steadily progressed through the ranks of football education, starting with the CAF D basic and advanced courses, followed by the CAF C and B diplomas, and culminating in the CAF A diploma.

In his role as director of the Global Youth Academy in Kamukunji, Abdirahman oversees the development and operations of the academy, nurturing young talent and providing them with the skills and guidance needed to excel in football and beyond. His coaching philosophy emphasizes directness, clarity, empathy, and a supportive environment where players can thrive both on and off the field.

26-year old Abdiramna Ali has been appointed as the Head Coach of Horseed SC

Abdirahman's appointment as head coach of Horseed SC  marks a significant milestone in his career.

Abdirahman is inspired by a diverse array of local and international coaches, including Salim Ali, Francis Kimanzi, Carlos Ancelotti, and Sir Alex Ferguson. Their dedication and success have influenced his approach to coaching and his pursuit of excellence.


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