Following His Father's Footsteps: Lewis Shivachi thrives as pro footballer in Albania

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Lewis Shivachi currently plays professional football in the Albanian Super League for FK Appolonia

Lewis Shivachi Lumula, a talented Kenyan striker, played in the Kenyan Premier League and National Super League for Posta Rangers FC and Ligi Ndogo Football Club, respectively, before embarking on his professional football career with Albanian Super League team FK Appolonia.

Shivachi began his football journey at Kiambiu Warriors Football Club, following in the footsteps of his father, Godwin Lumula Shivachi, a former football player. He debuted in the Kenyan Premier League in 2023 with Posta Rangers, and within a year, he has successfully transitioned into a professional football player in Europe. He attributes his achievement to his father, whom he regards as his primary source of motivation.

"My father served as my primary source of inspiration." He consistently extended invitations for me to observe his performances, and I aspired to emulate his qualities." Lewis told Eastleigh Voice.


Lewis Shivachi Lumula was born in Nairobi, Kenya on April 20, 2000. He is the eldest son of Godwin Lumula, a former football player who is currently a referee. Lewis was raised in the Kiambiu slums and received his education at Harambee Primary School and Eastleigh High School. He commenced his football journey at the tender age of 5, which was prompted by his regular attendance at numerous matches to observe his father's participation. Subsequently, his father registered him at Musa Otieno Soccer Academy, leading to his subsequent success and achievements.

"I observed his exceptional ability at the age of five and subsequently enrolled him in the highly regarded Musa Otieno Academy, which was one of the top football academies in Eastlands at that time." I desired for him to acquire knowledge from the most skilled mentors, and he precisely accomplished that. I am extremely proud of his advancement," his father states.

Godwin Shivachi, right, in a friendly match in Jericho. Photo by Charles Sisia

Kiambiu, a challenging informal settlement in Eastleigh South Ward, Kamukunji Sub County, exposes its youthful inhabitants to a diverse range of social vices. Shivachi claims that the Kiambiu Warriors Football Club prevented him from being involved in all of this.

"Growing up in an impoverished urban area can be challenging due to the occurrence of various unfavourable events that can potentially have detrimental effects on one's life. However, it is crucial to maintain one's authenticity and engage in activities that will contribute positively to personal growth." Lewis says, adding that his involvement in football prevented him from making unfavourable decisions in life.

"I never anticipated that I would be participating in professional football in Europe at such an early stage. It remains incredulous, and I pondered it incessantly while making my debut. My first international flight was to sign a contract and join a prestigious club in Albania, an experience that felt like something out of a movie. I am yet to get over it," he says,

"I am grateful to my father for his guidance throughout the journey so far, as God has consistently shown his faithfulness," he adds.

His father can only feel a greater sense of pride: "It is the ultimate aspiration of every parent to witness their children make the correct choices in life, and I am a contented parent to see that Lewis has accomplished that. I hope that he attains the highest level of success in professional football and accomplishes what I was unable to do during my own playing career." He said while beaming with joy and a sense of pride.

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