Uproar as CCTV captures five dumping garbage in Eastleigh at night [VIDEO]

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The video captures five individuals pushing a cart, also known as mkokoteni, loaded with garbage along Twelve Street at around 2 a.m.

Five individuals were caught on CCTV dumping garbage along Yusuf Haji Avenue at around 2 am on Wednesday, July 10. 

The video captures five individuals pushing a cart, also known as mkokoteni, loaded with garbage along Twelve Street at around 2 a.m.

They then quickly dumped the contents in front of Yare Plaza before disappearing across the road, leaving the mess behind.

This area, typically dominated by hawkers during the day, has become a focal point of outrage among Eastleigh residents, who have been urging the Naiorbi County administration to crack down on illegal garbage disposal.

Most of them are now demanding immediate action against those caught on the CCTV footage.

Eastleigh North Member of County Assembly (MCA) Ahmedkadar Dabar, speaking to the Eastleigh Voice, claimed that the garbage came from a local mall.

"That was directly from one of the malls in Eastleigh; those dumpings were paid to do so by the mall," Ahmedkadar claimed but did not reveal the identity of the mall or the five caught on tape. 

The MCA added that most malls in Eastleigh were undermining efforts to keep the urban centre clean as they had failed to adhere to proper waste disposal regulations.

"Majority of these businesses give their waste to street families, who then dump it on our streets and roads. This should not be happening," he emphasised.

Ahmedkadar noted that licenced community-based organisations (CBOs) provide garbage collection services in Eastleigh, but many businesses opt for street families because they are cheaper.

He disclosed that these malls store their waste throughout the day and secretly hand it to street families at night for disposal. The MCA promised to take action against the accused malls and any other individuals dumping waste illegally. 

"We will take strong actions against those malls; they are heavily contributing to the garbage problem in Eastleigh," he asserted.

Kamukunji Subcounty Environment Officer Eric Ngeno, reacting to the video, said strong action will be taken against those involved.

Ngeno confirmed that the CCTV footage has been shared with Toni Kimani, the Chief Officer of Compliance and Enforcement for Nairobi County.

"The video has angered the County environment officers and it has already been shared with the Chief Officer of Compliance and Enforcement; action will be taken," Ngeno stated.

Ngeno also disclosed that anti-dumping officers will patrol Eastleigh streets at night to prevent such incidents. He urged business owners to use authorised waste collectors.

Members of the Nairobi Green Army and Mazingira movement clean Yusuf Haji Road in Eastleigh. (Abdirahman Khalif)

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