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In the wake of devastating floods, Mandera residents cry out for aid

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The recent rainy season has heavily impacted farms, flooding a total of 5,175 hectares.

For three months, relentless rains have battered Mandera County, causing severe flooding and leaving victims in dire conditions without access to basic amenities.

The majority of the victims are in constant worry, struggling to feed their families.

Residents in parts of Sala, Lafey Constituency, Mandera North, and Mandera East are striving to regain normalcy.

Issack Ali, a resident of Sala, weeding at his farm with support from the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (UN CERF) in partnership with RACIDA and the Arid Land Development Focus (ALDEF) after it was destroyed.

"My farm was initially affected by drought, and then the rains came and destroyed what was left," he said. "But with the help of these cash transfers, I can bounce back into farming," he added.

Faiza Abdinoor, whose business was destroyed by the floods, has also managed to resume her business activities with support from UN CERF and other NGOs.

"The monthly stipend was a great help for me. I can feed my family and run my business," she added.

In the Banissa Constituency, more than 20 households haven't returned home after their houses were destroyed by the floods.

Abdullahi Adan, an affected resident in Banissa, said more than 100 people have been affected, and he wonders why no help whatsoever has reached them.

"It's been months since we were affected, and no persons from the government have come to our aid," added Abdullahi.

In Takaba Ward, Mandera West, the situation is similar, with more than 80 households pleading for aid.

The hardest-hit areas are Ardhalo and Sukhelaquli, where affected residents lack basic needs for their day-to-day lives.

Hassan Duba from Sukhelaquli is pleading with area leaders to fast-track their response.

"I am pleading with my area leaders; the situation is unbearable. At least we should be given non-food items," he added.

To mitigate the extreme weather changes, short-term interventions, including monthly stipends, have been carried out by non-governmental organisations such as the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), the Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance (RACIDA), and the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (UN CERF).

The Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance program is designed to provide flexible financial assistance to address the most urgent needs of these climate-affected communities.

So far, a total of 1,250 individuals in Mandera County have benefited from this program, which aims to address the immediate needs of those affected by drought and floods. This program is critical in helping these communities recover and rebuild their lives amidst the ongoing climate challenges.

Noor Ismael from RACIDA in Mandera County mentioned that the program aims to reach more affected residents across the entire county.

"As RACIDA Mandera County, we plan to reach more people in the coming weeks to alleviate the dire situation of the residents," he added.

The recent rainy season has heavily impacted farms, flooding a total of 5,175 hectares. Farms in Mandera East, Mandera North, Lafey, and Banissa sub-counties have been the most affected, with numerous businesses also being destroyed.

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